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Workflow Server 2

WS2 was designed for the purpose of automating complex constantly repetitive application flows particularly accruing with data conversion. To this, WS2 commands several modules to be discretionarily combined jointly, and features of which are controlled via a central script:

The following chart shows the fundamental functionality of WS2. The grey lines mark the data flow while the red ones indicate the flow control.


As soon as a file is placed in the hot folder starting of a batch file dedicated to this hot folder is activated. This batch file communicates WS2 which script file has to be processed. The script file again controls the entire work flow.

At the same time, the input data file of the hot folder gets scrolled into the working directory. Here, all job steps dedicated to this work flow are carried out. Afterwards the processed data file gets scrolled into the output directory. In case of error messages during processing these will be written into the log file within the log file directory.

If you want detailled information you can download the WS2 manual here as epub file (available only in German).